HOT 106.7 knows you love live music, and since we’re your Summer Concert Station, we wanted to do something really HOT… we’re giving away a ton of tickets to the HOTtest shows this summer!

But that’s not all… everyone who wins tickets will be in the running for the GRAND PRIZE… the HOT 106.7 TOWER OF TICKETS: tickets to 8 concerts including THE MIXTAPE TOUR, LIL WAYNE & BLINK-182, KIDZ BOP, BACKSTREET BOYS, JONAS BROTHERS, KHALID, MADE IN AMERICA, AND CHAINSMOKERS WITH 5S0S!

Here’s how you can win: Starting Monday, June 3rd in the 8am and 3pm hours, we’ll fire up the ticket generator and give caller 25 a chance to pick what concert they want to go to.  You’ll have your choice of tickets to 1 of 3 concerts, plus you’ll be in the running for the GRAND PRIZE of the HOT 106.7 TOWER OF TICKETS!

It’s all from Live Nation, and HOT 106.7.

Official Rules